Light of a Gold Star 

Gold Star Anthem Written by John Stea

Vocal by Madison Lawrence

A lost hero returns back home , illuminated by the lights of a gold star. A tribute to Gold Star Families.

Runnin' Wild ( Silent Star)

Clara Bow tribute

Jenna Renae (American Idol Finalist) vocal

Written by John Stea

A song about relentlessly perusing your dreams. The song was inspired by the biography of silent film actress Clara Bow, entitled Runnin' Wild.


Written and composed by John Stea

Vocal by Madison Lawrence

What happens when ghosts fall in love? A modern ghost story with a Victorian twist, of two spirits falling in love. Drift back in time to 1859, on a river where yesterday collides with today and moonlight dances in romantic exuberance. 

Purple Mountain Majesty  ft. Travis Birch 

Written by John Stea and David Dorn

American Moment

Written by John Stea

Vocal by Brandon Ray

New York Dream Catcher 

Composed by John Stea and Lucia Nazzaro 

First Day (Harley Davidson Promo Video) 

Written by John Stea, Megan Conner & Rich Alves

Vocal by Ronica Coldiron

Some of What She’s Thinking

Written by John Stea & Joe Todd

The Chris Evans Band