Light Of A Gold Star


Written by John Stea
Vocal by Jordyn Mallory
© 2017 Resnik Music Group

Sometimes a battle becomes a war
Flags unfurl, boots land on a shore
Voices on the line, knocks on the door
Twenty one guns, now its quarter to four

In the morning
Without warning

Golden lights fall from a star spangled sky
And I hear your voice saying it’s all right: it’s all right
You found your way home from so very far
Under the light of a gold star
Shine strong, shine strong, shine on
Shine strong, shine strong, shine on

Plans are laid, soldiers march in time
You’ll be back, a promise with goodbye
Pictures on a wall, light hearted smiles
Take me to: those memories in my mind

Through the night mist
When a storm lifts


A blue star turned to Gold
As a flag began to fold
Still through it all
You kept your promise