American Moment

American Moment
Written by John Stea

I Found her in an old garage
Hidden for years under dusty tarps
Spent the whole summer under the hood
Of a 68 Mustang knowing I could
Get her back rolling
Rust to sheen
Breath of gasoline
And that machine went roaring

In an American moment
You feel the freedom flowing
Dreams are at your beck and calling
Flashing sparks
A kiss in the dark
The promise of on an open road
In an American Moment

Savannah was waiting for me
At the carnival down by Main Street
Up in the air on a Ferris wheel
I gave her with a diamond ring
Our lives changed in a minute
Turned the key
Wild and free
Pushing all the limits

Repeat Chorus


Under the stars and the stripes
We’ll seize the day, and the night

Repeat Chorus